Exercise can be your best friend for man’s best friend. The simple fact about your dog is that it has lots of energy and needs an outlet to release said energy, because if not your going to have a terror on your hands. According to WWW.ASPCA.COM you can avoid many common behavioral issues with your animal by giving them a constant exercise routine. Animals and children alike get bored and will most definitely act out if you do not allow them the chance to release energy. The avenue in which they find to release this energy comes out in digging, barking, biting and other bad habits.
This does not mean just leave the dog in the backyard and hope he does laps. Just because the dog has a yard to play in does not mean they will exercise on his or her own. This also doesn’t mean that you need to be the most athletic person. There are very fun and creative ways to help your dog exercise. Obviously there are the classics like playing fetch, rope pull, and jogging but consider using rollerblades so that your dog can run free. Or try food puzzles in which the dog must interact with some sort of puzzle to gain access to food. Keeping your dog mentally and physically in shape will make for a much happier and loving home.

Written By:
Megan Spencer
Blog Artist