If your like me you love to give your dog treats. I may spoil her from time to time, but there is a preferred way to giving dogs treats and probably a healthier one. According to the first thing to keep in mind when giving your dog treats is that they should be used in to reinforce calm and submissive activity. Rewarding your dog while in an excited state rewards unruly behavior that can cause issues down the road. Your dog’s nose caught the sent of those treats from about 25ft away and is already breaking down the ingredients by the time you say shake. You will want to show extreme patience with your dog and not give them the treat until they are no longer excited, as they will be confused and start to search for what to do to receive the treat. Once they have reached a calm submissive state, reward them with the treat.

Now that we know how to start with our treats lets look into what we should give our furry friends. Keeping in mind that treats for humans vary greatly from dog treats, the menu for Fido may not be what you expect. The experts at have suggested such delicacies as beef trachea, liver bites, and beef tendons. While gives our inner hipster some alternative choices introducing a list of vegetarian treats your dog can enjoy; top of the list: apples (without seeds), blueberries, and frozen bananas. Whatever it is you decide to feed your dog remember to check the ingredients, if you can’t pronounce or recognize what goes in there you may want to make a different choice.

Written By:
Megan Spencer
Blog Artist