Our Furrst Post

Our Goal:

We are a mom and daughter business that prides ourselves on treating everyone’s dogs like our own! We absolutely LOVE every set of paws that enters our salon and are confident you’ll feel comfortable leaving your pets in a safe environment where they can run and play freely. When you visit our salon, we want you and your fur babies to have a PAWS-itive experience while also knowing that Doug the Pug is lavishing in spa quality treatment. We believe strongly in our motto: “A Clean dog is a happy dog!”

Our Story:

Meet the Owners: Julie and Michelle

Before I started Happy Dog I was working as an insurance broker for 4 years. I found myself unhappy in my current position because I was working 40+ hours a week and always away from my dogs. I wanted a career that would allow me to be with my dogs everyday so I decided to open up my own mobile dog grooming business. I was so excited to finally be doing something I truly loved, a chance to be passionate about doing business while sharing my love for animals. I was blown away with the amount of loyal customers who shared my passion and was humbled by the number of new clients that were consistently calling. So much so that I could not keep up on my own, so I asked my daughter Michelle to join me on this adventure! At the time she was a full time college student pursuing her goal of being a dental hygienist. I knew this was asking a lot of her but I was so thrilled when she jumped on board and was blessed to see she’s a natural. After four years in our mobile truck business had expanded so much that we decided to open up our shop. I wanted a location that would allow us to have more employees and of course so I could bring my pets to work everyday. Since then, Michelle and I have been power partners in this business and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our strong family bond makes it easy to work together because we balance each other out and we value our mother daughter relationship. Here we are now, the Happy Dog Pet Salon you have grown to love!

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Megan Spencer
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