Building Off Leash Reliability

I think we all strive to have a well enough mannered and obedient dog that at any point we could decide to unleash them and let them roam free with ease knowing they will come back at our call. The truth is, this type of skill in your pet takes time, dedication, patience, and most of all trust. There definitely are ways to make this happen for you and your pet but some things to keep in mind. According to they have some words of caution. There is no way to guarantee the safety of your dog off leash. No matter how long and hard you train your pet, when outside there are unsecured areas that can always cause a chance of their instincts or desires to lead them into a path of danger.

Lets face it, our environment is unpredictable and there is always a chance of running into another dog, large bang noise, or something else that may frighten or harm them. Knowing these dangers why train them off the leash? There will always be unforeseen moments were the gate may be left open or they dig a whole large enough that they can break free. Time spent off leash gives our dogs physical and mental exercise, keeping them healthy and happy. The key to training off leash is to practice whenever possible in safe and secure locations like a large field away from traffic.

Incorporating off-leash training into your daily activities can help you and your dog prepare for off-leash adventures. Your dog will learn to respond to you everywhere, all of the time. Offering big rewards for good behavior when you and your dog play, walk, feed, or just hang out is going to reinforce the positive behavior. So whip out those bacon treats and have fun!

Written By:
Megan Spencer
Blog Artist