Dogs in the Wedding

Whether it’s the proposal, engagement photos or a walk down the aisle your pup is a crucial part of your life and your big day won’t be the same without those paws. Our dog missed the proposal due to some aquatic features my fiancé chose for our proposal, but you better believe she will be in every other part of the wedding.

Proposal: Everyone knows the classic puppy proposal, tie it to the collar, puppy rushes in she squeals and yells yes! Well if you’re not looking for the same old song and dance feel free change it up. First teach your puppy to fetch a ring shaped box, yes we know slobber is a factor here but if you’re reading this that’s probably not an issue. Take her and the dog on a hike to one of your favorite trails and at the most scenic spot available have your dog fetch the ring and get that knee dusty!

Engagement Photos: If you are thinking of including your dog in your engagement photos, make sure to check first with your photographer. Not all photographers have experience with animals, but I’m sure they will be open. We planned ahead for our trip by making sure to bring plenty of treats, poo baggies, and a dog whistle. We also had some fun and made an announcement sign for her to wear. The treats come in handy to keep your dog’s attention and position them for photos. The whistle is to get your dog to look at the camera, luckily for us our photographer had an assistant who was able to help. And lastly the poo bags are for courtesy.

The Day: Just as a guest or as your flower pup, the wedding day has many opportunities to showcase your quirky family. Personally we have decided to get our dog a flower crown and have her walk down the aisle with another wedding guest. We also considered having her be the ring bearer and or a bridesmaid.

Written By:
Megan Spencer
Blog Artist