Dog Breath

Most pet owners will brag about how cute their puppy is, but very few are boasting the same confidence when it comes to Fido’s breath. Dog breath is a very common issue for pet owners; we would like to offer some helpful tips on how to combat death breath! Taking your dog to the groomers is great for a deep clean, but there are steps you can take to help prevent/maintain your pup’s dental health.
First lets cover the most common causes of bad breath for dogs. According to the following are the main causes of bad breath:
  • Bacteria and food particles stuck in pet's mouth
  • Diet
  • Eating disorder (eating feces or garbage)
  • Kidney disease
  • Lung disease
  • Tumors in the mouth
Now on to prevention! Brushing your dog’s teeth may seem strange at first, but remember just like human’s dogs also experience plaque and tartar build up that can cause periodontal disease. If you’re not into the assisted living feel, you can still help fight build up by giving your dog dental sticks or bones. Chewing on things like bones and dental sticks help scrape the surface of your dog’s teeth removing build up. Once again, these suggestions are for prevention and maintenance and do not eliminate the need to schedule regular teeth cleanings with a professional.

Written By:
Megan Spencer
Blog Artist